Sardine Jetty Fremantle

The Sardine Jetty is located off Mews Road in Fremantle. It is the main public jetty and departure point for Rottnest Island and Carnac Island boat charters and cruises.  All boats use the Sardine Jetty which is actually based in Fishing Boat Harbour. To your benefit, most of Perth’s charter boats are actually berthed in this harbour so it takes very little time for them to pick you up.

Now that’s the good news. The bad news is that there’s absolutely no sign saying “Sardine Jetty”, so once again BlueSun2 is here to help.

Parking is plentiful in the parking lot opposite the Sardine Jetty and the costs are extremely reasonable (about $2 or less per hour). The Fremantle Train Station is 15 minutes walk.

Directions to the Sardine Jetty, Fishing Boat Harbour, Fremantle. 

For those of you that know Fremantle well, head as if going to Little Creatures or Cicerellos. As you leave the town, turn right off South Terrace Road, cross over the railway line and take a right on Mews Road. Immediately (and we mean 20-metres-later-immediately), take a left into the public parking lot by the large billboard sign that has a map of Fishing Boat Harbour. Believe it or not, the Sardine Jetty is there on the water’s edge (signed “Boats for Hire”).

Note: if you drive to Little Creatures, turn around. You’ve gone too far!

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