Barrack Street Jetty

The Barrack Street Jetty is located in the Perth CBD on the Swan River. It is the main public boat jetty for Perth boat charters and Swan River boat cruises. It is located near the glass Bell Tower.

East Street Jetty

The East Street Jetty Fremantle is the main public jetty on the Swan River. It is the most popular of the two Fremantle jetties and frequently used by charter boats. It is located in front of The Kiosk Café (address 123 Beach Street, East Fremantle) and “between the two bridges” (the Victoria and Stirling). It is also directly below the Tradewinds Hotel on Canning Highway and at the bottom of East Street.

Jo Jo's Jetty Nedlands

The Jo Jos Jetty, Nedlands is about 500 metres down Broadway Street, if you walked down hill from Steve’s Hotel to the Swan River. She is aptly named after the amazing Jo Jo’s Café which must be one of the best Italian Restaurants in Perth.

Thompson Bay Fuel Jetty

The Thompson Bay Fuel Jetty (often referred to as just "The Refuelling Jetty") is only a few hundred metres from the main Rottnest Island Ferry Jetty. It is also right across the grassy lawn area in front of the Dome Café.

Point Walter Jetty

The Point Walter Jetty is on the eastern side of the Swan River. It is a great halfway point between the city of Perth and Fremantle on the eastern shore. The vast lawned areas make if very popular location for families taking picnics or having long walks. It is also a great swimming spot. Yet, for the Perth charter boat world, it is a protected public jetty spot to pick up and offload guests.

Claremont Jetty

The Claremont Jetty is secluded and sheltered but very convenient for locals who don’t want a departure from Fremantle or the city.  It is the closest jetty to Mosman’s Jetty which is across the Bay and on the West side of the Swan River.

Mosman Park Jetty

The Mosman Jetty fronts the famous Mosman Restaurant. It is one of the Swan River’s most beautiful locations and a favourite for many of Perth’s boating crowd that wish to hire a boat for their private or corporate functions. Public parking is up the hill from the Restaurant and it is both plentiful and free.

Mends Street Jetty

You can see the Mends Street Jetty from the verandah and al fresco dining area of the famous Cocos Restaurant, unquestionably one of Perth’s best views of the Swan River. The old paddle ship Decoy (no longer working) is parked alongside the Mends Street Jetty too.

AQWA Jetty Hillarys Harbour

The AQWA Jetty is located directly in front of AQWA the West Australian Aquarium.

Stay on Southside Drive when you leave Hepburn Avenue. There will be lots of shops and parking on your right but just ignore them and keep on driving. Southside Drive will turn to the right and then the left and then 'presto', you'll be in front of AQWA.

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