Mends Street Jetty

You can see the Mends Street Jetty from the verandah and al fresco dining area of the famous Cocos Restaurant, unquestionably one of Perth’s best views of the Swan River. The old paddle ship Decoy (no longer working) is parked alongside the Jetty too.

Protocol dictates that the ferry which runs between Barrack Street and here has priority and it always parks or T-bones the end. Passengers that wish to leave from Mends Street can catch this ferry from the city and be at Mends Street within a few minutes.

Please note that not all Perth charter boats can use this jetty as the channel is very shallow. This may be an issue at low tide.


When coming from the city, take the Mill Point Road exit off Kwinana Freeway. Stay on Mill Point Road until the petrol station at Mends Street (in front of the Windsor pub).  Take a left on Mends Street and go past the shops until you hit the T-junction at South Perth Esplanade.  The Mends Street Jetty is in front of you beyond the kids playground.

Note: you can park in the parking lot under Cocos or behind the  restaurant.

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